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Rusty Kunz

Dirt Program Manager

Rusty Kunz has been involved in midget racing since 1969 at all levels. He has owned midgets, raced with the St. Louis Racing Association, founded MARA (Midwest Auto Racing Association), and won numerous driver and owner championships.

Rusty is known throughout the midget racing scene as an expert in dirt racing car set-up and his race management skills are legendary. He has also developed quite a heritage of working with young, up-and-coming drivers by helping to develop their racing skills into championship form.

Some of the drivers Rusty has worked with through the years include: Johnny Parsons Jr., Rich Vogler, Larry Rice, Page Jones, Ricky Shelton, Jason Leffler, Tracy Hines, Sara McCune, Brian Gerster, Dave Darland, Jerry Coons Jr., and Brad Loyet. Rusty has won races with all of these drivers and many of these drivers have gone on to win championships, as well as race and win at the upper-level racing series.

Rusty has been brought to the Nine Racing team to manage the in-shop preparation for each dirt race and will attend every dirt racing event to manage the at-track racing effort.


Rusty Kunz
Position:Dirt Program Manager
Hometown:Springfield, Illinois
Children:Ginger and Ed
Hobbies:Gardening, Hunting, Politics and Reading the Classics


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