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Midget specs:

Although midgets are compact, these mightily versatile race cars pack a powerful punch. Midgets run on all sizes of both dirt and pavement tracks from a tight 1/4-mile to a big, fast mile paved track. The midget car is relatively lightweight compared to most race cars as it weighs in (without the driver) at 950 pounds with an engine that produces up to 350 horsepower. Midgets are about 10 feet long from front bumper rear bumper and the axle width is 65 inches. The wheelbase can range from 65 inches to 76 inches maximum depending upon what size of track the cars will run on.

The Nine Racing midgets are powered by a four-cylinder Esslinger engine that is normally aspirated. The 166-cubic-inch powerplant is used both in the pavement and dirt midget cars. Newly added to the Nine Racing, Inc. stable of cars is a Ford Focus Midget, which uses the same style BEAST pavement chassis as the full midget and the only difference is the installation of a 180-horsepower Ford Focus engine. The pavement-style Ford Focus midget is designed to run on 1/4- and 1/5-mile paved ovals.



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Engine Type:Normally aspirated, internal combustion, four cycle, piston type with a maximum of six cyclinders.
Horsepower:325 to 350
Fuel:Methanol - 17 gallons
Weight: 900 pounds minimum, without driver
Overall Length:10 feet average
Overall Width:65 inches maximum
Overall Height:57 inches avg. to top of roll cage


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